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What's Inside?

Teams v Spread Do you know each team's record, home and away, straight up and against the spread, as favorite and underdog? Do you know how often road dogs cover league wide? How often the point spread actually comes into play? The team at the top of this sorted listing usually winds up in the big one.

Power Ratings OK, so its not your conventional Power Ratings, but you can see how each of the teams stacks up in any of 27 categories, and who is best overall, and who is worst, all in one easy listing.

Schedule Strengths Nobody does it like GRIDLINE. The only truly accurate schedule strength formula, plus end of season projections based on teams past performance and future schedule difficulty.

Weekly Forecast Tomorrows box scores today. Need we say more? See the PrimeTime Plays for our official recommendations each and every week. And GRIDLINE tracks its own performance with its Season to Date and Team by Team forecast records vs the spread.

Visit our amazing Churn Chart to see how the league changes from year-to-year. It's great reference material for sportsbettors, especially early on in the season.

There's lots more, check our favorite links for weather or injury reports, and please, feel free to contact us directly or send E-mail to if you have any questions.

GRIDLINE's Mission Statement

GRIDLINE By The Numbers presents a no-nonsense, purely scientific approach to football handicapping. All of the statistical listings and game projections on this site are 100% computer generated.

The GRIDLINE philosophy is based on the belief that trends and biases are not conducive to successful sports handicapping. While intuitive reasoning can be effective over short periods of time, success in the long run requires detachment from one's emotional tendencies. Where sports handicapping is concerned trust your brain, not your heart.

The GRIDLINE forecasting algorythm is based on the theory that a teams personality, its strengths and weaknesses, are reflected in the statistical breakdowns of their past performances. By analysing statistics and comparing them with corresponding statistics of their opponents, a final score can be projected that will approach the actual
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For more information and the complete history of the GRIDLINE computer forecasting system see our feature "The Story of GRIDLINE".