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Plays for MNF
Vikings -4
Computer Projection
HIT: Vikes 24 Giants 10
Anybody who knows GRIDLINE knows that we don't pay much heed to last year's performance, but for the life of us we still can't forget Eli Manning fumbling and bumbling his way through a 49-17 drubbing by these Vikes, also in Minnesota. Add to that the Vikings rude treatment of Aaron Rodgers two weeks ago and you can see why we're tilted their way. In fact, while both teams have gotten off well in 2016, the Vikes have been annihilating their opponents, while the Giants have been a single play away from winning or losing each game. We can't expect the Vikes to score a lot of points tonite, but they seem to come upon them regularly. Teams with good defenses do that. The Giants are a good team, too, but they're on the road against a tough, disciplined defense.

Good Luck Everyone!

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