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Plays for MNF

We got away with a backdoor push last nite. It was a bad bet that went right. We expected the pressure on both sides to be relatively equal, but it was clear from the start the Pack had the D-line. We were very fortunate to get away with our chips intact.

Pants -5 1/2
Pants 34 Bucs 26
Computer Projection

Our Forecast and our Power Ratings show the Pants as the better team. Those pants rank 10th and 11th, offensively and defensively, while the Bucs rank 30th and 22nd. Of course, one could argue that all stats go out the window because Cam Newton is out. Call it a gut feeling, but we think Derek Anderson will do a great job carrying the load. We think Anderson is a good quarterback. And while it's possible that the Bucs Jameis Winston will one day bring up comparisons between himself and Warren Moon, we don't believe he's there, yet.

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Plays for SNF
This one surprises us as much as it surprises everybody else, but the GRIDLINE system rates the Giants as the better team on a neutral field. It's hard to get the Giants putrid offensive performance against the Vikes out of one's mind, but it's important to remember that the Pack had a pretty putrid offensive performance against the Vikes as well. It should be easier going for both teams tonite as they face two mediocre defenses. The main thing that jumps out at us when we look at our Power Ratings is the excellent Giant passing game v the pitiful Packer pass defense. We don't expect either team to have much of a running game, so there should be lots of passes, and we'll risk our (2) chips on the better pass D.

Now, a word of warning. Odell Beckham is a marked man. It's entirely possible that a big play - maybe even a touchdown - will be taken away from the Giants just because an official thought he burped. But barring an unanswered flash TD or uneven turnovers or poor FG kicking, the Giants should be good with the points if they keep their heads down.
Giants +7
Giants 24 Pack 24
Computer Projection
PUSH: Pack 23 Giants 16

Good Luck Everyone!

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